Tour Dallas – 10th Anniversary

JPK-tour-dallasLast Saturday, April 6th, more than 3,000 people gathered at the Dallas City Hall with their bicycles to ride in the 10th anniversary of the Tour Dallas. Riders could choose from an eight (Family Fun Route), twenty (Urban Explorer) or thirty (Lake Loop) mile route. The routes go through the city of Dallas, up through Swiss avenue historic district, the M Streets, up & around White Rock Lake (thirty mile course) across Knox / Henderson, down McKinney Avenue and back into the downtown Dallas area. The Tour Dallas was a lot of fun and very well organized. It was a great event! Just about every type of bike was represented in the tour. There were fat tired cruisers, mountain, and road bikes. Afterwards we went to the Katy Trail Ice House for lunch. The Ice House is such a lot of fun!

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