Snowmass / Aspen Expedition


The expedition to Snowmass / Aspen is a go for the second week in March. I’m looking forward to getting out to the Colorado mountains! We’ll be staying in the Snowmass Village. The general agenda is to spend time climbing Snowmass Mountain, skiing (both Snowmass & Aspen) and having fun!

The agenda for the mountain climbing portion of the trip will be the following -

  • Day 1: Acclimatization day, Intro to ice climbing, Review & practice of mountaineering skills for climbing bigger peaks during harsh weather conditions. 
  • Day 2:  Organize, pack gear and start summit approach. Focus will be on winter camping and survival terrain selection.
  • Day 3: Summit attempt. Break down camp and return to town.


Snowmass Mountain (14,099 feet), Coordinates: N37° 50′ 21” W107° 59′ 27”)  is a remote wilderness peak located in the Elk Mountains of Colorado, west of of Aspen and southwest of Snowmass Village. The mountain is the 3rd highest in the Elk Range and ranks as the 34th highest of the Colorado 14ers. Its name is derived from a huge permanent  snowfield basin that lies on its eastern slopes below its summit. The snowfield is one of Colorado’s largest.

Snowmass is a spectacular mountain and very steep on all sides. There are no easy ways up and can be very dangerous to climb and even deadly. The thin knife-edge ridges leading to the summit jet up about fifty feet from its slopes. The rocks look like spears coming up out of the earth. The tops of the ridges are very exposed, dangerous and requires a long & tedious hike to climb through. These rocks are often no more then a couple of feet wide.