Creating a Better Quality of Life

ta-12I have received several emails in the last day about my recent post on achieving New Year’s resolutions. I was deeply touched by the emails and questions. I received a few emails asking for advice / assistance on how one could create a better quality of life for themselves.

These requests are from folks that have been successful in the past and have been beaten down over the last few years. The economy has been very difficult and continues to be in a slump. The job market is very difficult. Raises are far and few between. Customers are more demanding than ever. More negative stories in the media than ever before.

All of this can really add up, making people feel like they’re in a rut and going nowhere fast. To succeed, one needs a new approach and new strategy to continue one’s road to success. The only constant in our world is change. One needs to adapt and constantly be improving.

If one wants to create a better life for themselves, one needs to raise their standards (change your attitude, expect more from yourself & others), start asking better questions (the quality of the questions your ask, will determine the quality of your life), start writing down their goals with a time frame and start taking immediate action on making your goals happen.

One can immediately change the quality of their life and start heading in the right direction by adjusting a few things within one’s life. Many of these things that can be improved in one’s life are common sense. As I like to say, it’s time to sharpen the ice axe. Take immediate action on implementing the following items below -

  • Live everyday as if it were your last!
  • Have a positive attitude about yourself, life and others. Look for the positives!
  • Have respect for all living creatures and the laws of society.
  • Be Happy.
  • Smile.
  • Clean out your pantry & refrigerator and start eating a better diet.
  • Eliminate toxins within the body (start a 22-day detox cleansing diet).
  • Eat breakfast every morning (The most important meal of the day).
  • Make sure your getting enough protein in your diet.
  • Drink more water each day (Cut out the sodas).
  • Get enough sleep each night (The body needs rest!).
  • Help and give to others (If your not receiving, your not giving enough.).
  • Laugh daily.
  • Have good posture.
  • Eliminate negative & toxic people from your life.
  • Have a feeling of certainty.
  • Workout / exercise three to four times a week.
  • Receive a physical and check up from your Doctor & Dentist.
  • Say thank you.
  • Always speak clearly.
  • Implement the art of visualization (Very powerful tool).
  • Be honest. Live your life with integrity.
  • Don’t watch the news day-in & day-out. (The daily news is very negative).
  • Increase your eye contact with others.
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Keep a clean house and work environment (Put away things immediately after using them).
  • Make time to read. Spend 30 mins a day reading (The best time to read is first thing in the morning).
  • Stretch everyday (throughout the day).
  • Breathe correctly (Do breathing exercises though out the day).
  • Slow down and be aware of what’s going on around you.
  • Stay focused on your goals (Don’t worry about what others think).
  • Spend quality time with family & friends.
  • Focus and put all your effort into the task at hand.
  • Always look your best every day (shower, shave, clean nails, remove unwanted hairs).
  • Dress nicely. (Keep clothes clean and pressed).
  • Network and increase your number of friends.
  • Eliminate procrastination (Take action and don’t put off tasks).

If one works at incorporating the above items into their daily life, work on their written goals and start asking quality questions every day for 30-days … The above will become a habit.

One’s quality of life will become better before they know it, sparks of creativity will be spawning from within.  If one is ever feeling their not operating at peak performance; review the above items and immediately take action.

Be excited, confident, assertive, energized and congruent! If one’s mind can conceive it, one will believe it and shall achieve it! In life, it’s really about the experiences…. make each experience fun and exciting. I wish you happiness, health, success and a great 2013!