Hustle Up the Hancock

One of the most exciting races that I ran last year was in Chicago called Hustle up the Hancock. The race attracted over 4,000 climbers to run to the top of the John Hancock Building (94 floors, 1,632 steps) in downtown Chicago (875 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois). The race raises funds for lung disease research, advocacy and education. Last year the event raised $1,104,000.00


The Hustle Up the Hancock race began at 7 am sharp! Every 8-seconds a Climber started running up the stairwell (turning to the left) of the John Hancock Building and ended up on the 94th floor (Observatory floor). Which provided an amazing 360-degree view of the Windy City and the surrounding 4 states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin).


I ran the race in 19 mins and 48 secs. I think that I could have taken a good five mins off my time, if I didn’t run into traffic in the stairwell. Towards the top of the building, many runners were sitting or standing on the steps, laying in the landing areas or walking very slow. It was tough to pass them.


If you find yourself in the Chicago area during the mid / late February or early March time frame …. Check to see when the race is being held and participate in it.

In the near future, I would like to run in the annual Empire State Building (New York, New York) race. The race is only 86 floors or 1,576 steps!