52 New Experiences in 52 Weeks

Something NewI was talking with a friend the other day at a Starbucks about New Year’s Resolutions, setting and accomplishing goals.

 I mentioned that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to have a new experience each week (52 new experiences over the next year).

The goal of having a new experience each week can be as simple as trying something that one has never done before and having fun planning & accomplishing it.

52 new things

A new experience each week can be as easy as trying a new restaurant or saying hello to a neighbor down the street that one has never met before. A little short or long term planning can go to the new experience. Such as signing up & taking a class, attending a seminar / workshop, visiting a new museum exhibit, hiking a new trail, exploring the downtown area, traveling to a city that one has never been to before or getting out into the wildness for for a new expedition. Challenge yourself, take action and do something new each week.

It’s amazing how one can get so caught up in doing the every day things in life. That time zips by and one just never challenges themselves on a regular basis to get out of the comfort zone.

52 newthings-52 weeks

Try something new each week! Challenge yourself to a new experience and keep a sense of wonder about the world. Make it fun and exhilarating! One will find their productivity in every day life will increase and will become a happier person.

The key to making and keeping a New Year’s Resolution is to make it fun. Don’t make it a chore!